At Glas Marte you get an impressive all-round service. We will never let you down. Starting with comprehensive advice on the accompanying planning up to professional assembly and helpful application technology you will receive the fullest support. Regular training courses on our products and the correct installation and assembly complete the diverse range of services.In addition, you benefit from the combination of manufacturing and assembly in one house: our own insulating and safety glass production with state-of-the-art glass processing makes even special solutions available in the shortest possible time and with the required precision. Construction parts made of metal are manufactured in our own metal workshop. This unique constellation shortens delivery and construction time and ultimately reduces your costs. Glas Marte – your contact for all matters.


We share our knowledge with you! In ongoing training, you will be endowed with explicit expertise and extensive theoretical and practical skills. You will receive valuable sales arguments, learn practical tricks and at the end of the day will be enriched with specific knowledge about the Glas Marte product variations, general standards, planning, design and construction. Certainly a great help in your daily work! Do not miss any training dates and register here for the Glas Marte Newsletter


Glas Marte is a strong partner at your side. You get to work with above-average qualified employees at all levels who are happy to accompany you on the way to the right end product. From the first moment we diligently take care of each and every one of your concerns. We will help you find the technical solutions to realize even the most unusual wishes. Each request will be handled as quickly as possible to help you work efficiently. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions about the assortment, the right type of glass or a specific installation situation! Clear all-glass solutions with an absolute minimum of visible construction parts are our specialty – expert advice included.

Engineering Services

Glas Marte relies on close cooperations with architects and clients. This is the basic requirement for successful work. Planning, clarifying and creating the execution plans with AutoCAD / CAD are an integral part of our service. Technicians with sound basic knowledge and detailed specialized knowledge supervise your construction project. In-house pre-dimensioning can be done by means of our own statics programs. Depending on the task, special planners, building physicists or structural engineers are also consulted in order to achieve the desired result. Execution and work plans are used for fine-tuning, discussed prior to execution and submitted for approval.

Professional Execution

What use are the most expensive engineering services if the execution is performed by unqualified persons and critical criteria of execution are neglected or even remain unfulfilled? At Glas Marte, all assembly specialists are trained glass construction or metal construction technicians. Our own award-winning apprentice workshop ensures qualified junior staff. At the moment, nearly 20 assembly teams are on the road for you locally as well as all over Central Europe. A smooth process and perfect performance are important to us. This is ensured by specially designed assembly aids, such as lifts, lifting platforms, suction batteries or crane attachments, as well as an undisturbed and well-communicated flow of information from consultation to acceptance.

Helping You Help Yourself

Do you regularly build with Glas Marte products? Congratulations. To make it easier for you to get started or simply to get useful tips for assembling and handling a special product, we are happy to provide you with one of our specialists. An experienced fitter or technician will take extra time on one of your construction sites to answer all your questions and show you how to install the system quickly and correctly, right from the start – so that you can continue to enjoy satisfied customers in the future.
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