UNIGLAS® TOP is a specially developed insulating glass, which reflects long-wave heat rays and keeps them in the room. On the other hand, visible light and solar radiation pass through almost unhindered. Thus, UNIGLAS® TOP contributes to the generation of energy and subsequently adds personal living comfort.

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Dwindling energy resources and rising heating costs raise the expectations of thermal insulation. New technologies in the production of heat insulating glass make that possible: Minimum heating costs with maximum thermal insulation in harmony with our environment. Better thermal insulation reduces energy consumption and thus also CO² emissions.

UNIGLAS® TOP energy glass has a particularly positive energy balance. Energy gaining glass combines high light transmission and ideal color neutrality with very good energy input. That is why UNIGLAS® TOP energy-saving glass is also suitable for passive houses. Since the introduction of building and energy certificates, perfect insulating glazing is an even more important indication of high quality construction and therefore contributes to a sustained increase in real estate value.


Product Versions:

  • UNIGLAS® TOP 2-layer (in multiple variations; see product overview)
  • UNIGLAS® TOP 3-layer (in multiple variations; see product overview)

Product Overview

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Additional Product - Bars


Windows with glazing bars add a touch of cosiness and friendliness to a building. Glas Marte differentiates between Viennese bars (real wood bars) and e-bars (European bars).

In the case of e-bars, the bars are located in the space between the panes of insulating glass. Therefore, cleaning is very comfortable. These bars are available in all common RAL colors as well as in a 2-color version (inside and outside).

In the case of the Viennese bar, on the other hand, real bars are also placed on the glass in addition to the bars in the space between the panes. Therefore, the visual impression appears more real.

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