UNIGLAS® PHON noise protection glass brings back some quiet. In your private home as well as in professional areas. Take advantage of the quiet atmosphere to work behind generous window surfaces or enjoy some cozy time with the family.

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Life is becoming louder and louder. Especially in urban areas people are affected by noise from roads, railways and air traffic as well as bars and night clubs. But there are also numerous sources of noise in rural areas: agricultural machinery, the neighbor who likes to mow his lawn on the weekend or motorcyclists who go for their rides on Sundays.
If noise is perceived as a nuisance, it will affect our ability to perform as well as our well-being.

With a thermal break and very minor disturbances in the insulating plane a very massive connection to the static load-bearing structure is possible in variable design versions. On the railing suspension profile, which is already glued together with the glass in our factory, adjusting pieces can be used at any point (according to statics). As a result, no processing etc. on the profile is required and the glass railing is easy to design, plan and execute in almost any situation.


Product Versions:

  • UNIGLAS® PHON 2-layer
  • UNIGLAS® PHON 3-layer


Sound is insulated by creating a barrier to the sound waves. The required resistance is precisely determined by measurement in the laboratory. The respective insulation value is calculated at different frequencies and according to certain rules for a value: Sound insulation index Rw.

Furthermore, the so-called spectrum adaptation values C and Ctr are also determined in the laboratory during these measurements. These are flat correction values, for typical frequency ranges of regularly occurring noise emissions. The actual expected noise reduction thus corresponds to the sum of the sound insulation index Rw and the correction value C or Ctr.

Product Overview

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Additional Product - Bars


Windows with glazing bars add a touch of cosiness and friendliness to a building. Glas Marte differentiates between Viennese bars (real wood bars) and e-bars (European bars).

In the case of e-bars, the bars are located in the space between the panes of insulating glass. Therefore, cleaning is very comfortable. These bars are available in all common RAL colors as well as in a 2-color version (inside and outside).

In the case of the Viennese bar, on the other hand, real bars are also placed on the glass in addition to the bars in the space between the panes. Therefore, the visual impression appears more real.

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