In order to cover structural elements in all-glass construction or to protect the edge seals of insulating glazing against UV rays, glass panes are often provided with edge enamelling. No removal of edge coating takes place with TEA edge enamel (True Edge Application). Instead, the enamel fuses with the coating of UNIGLAS® energy-saving, noise protection and sun protection insulating glass to form a permanently stable bond.


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Glass thickness: 8 mm (6 mm)
Minimum glass size: 250 x 250 mm
Maximum glass size (Bregenz): 2,000 x 4,200 mm (1,700 x 2,800 mm)
Maximum glass size (Itter): 2,400 x 5,000 mm (2,200 x 4,200 mm)

Edge enamel on one edge or on two opposite edges: maximum 150 mm, up to 300 mm after consultation
Edge enamel on two adjacent, three or four edges: maximum 50 mm, up to 80 mm after consultation
Enamel: black

With a thermal break and very minor disturbances in the insulating plane, a very massive connection to the static load-bearing structure is possible in variable design versions. Adjusting pieces can be used at any point (according to statics) on the railing suspension profile, which is already bonded to the glass in the factory. As a result, no processing etc. on the profile is required and the glass railing is easy to design, plan and execute in almost any situation.



  • Energy-saving glass UNIGLAS®TOP/TOP PURE with UNIGLAS® Premium
  • Noise protection glass UNIGLAS® PHON with UNIGLAS®Premium
  • Sun protection glass UNIGLAS®SUN with UNISUN SN 70/37 HAT


By means of TEA edge enamel, a material-dissolving ceramic paint (enamel) is applied directly to the magnetron sputter coating. This is dissolved during the heat treatment and fuses with the glass to form an extraordinarily stable bond. After cooling, the coating material is completely embedded in the enamel.


  • aesthetic: structural elements become invisible.
  • high quality: sensitive coatings are protected much better.
  • fast: the complete production takes place in-house – decisively shortened delivery time.



  • Glass slat windows
  • Glass fins
  • Stepped glazing and all-glass corners
  • Structural glazing bonds
  • Roof glazing with overhanging glass step


TEA edge enamel can be used on coated GM TSG SECURMART® or GM HSG SECURMART®. This edge enamelling technology is certified by ift Rosenheim for structural bonds according to ETAG 002. In addition, Glas Marte is the only insulating glass manufacturer to hold a certificate for static bonds from the DIBt (ETA approval).


  • European Technical Assessment (approval) of Glas Marte SG façades: ETA 08//0099; approval body: DIBt Berlin; date of issue: 17/01/2018
  • «Quality Bond» certification for the DowSil silicone used
  • General Building Authority Approval Z-70.1-75 for edge enamel
  • ift Rosenheim: 14-003749-PR05 for the bond according to ETAG 002
  • Testing of fracture pattern for TSG/heat-soaked TSG according to EN 12150-1 and for HSG according to EN 1863-1

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