Transparent walls that grow out of the floor, rain pattering directly from the ceiling, a continuous floor going into the shower – all these innovative ideas turn every bathroom into a personal wellness oasis. In an alcove, corner or wall solution – glass showers impress with their lightness, transparency and functionality and ensure a special experience.

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The Alcove – the Creative Eye-catcher.

The clear design language of glass showers offers numerous construction possibilities and creative options according to your individual wishes and ideas. With this special all-glass construction, you can open up “isolated” areas of your bathroom with brightness for a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Create a transparent connection to the bathroom away from everyday life, stress and the hectic rush. The combination of fixed parts, door elements and enameled glass back panels offers numerous possibilities for optimum use of space.

The corner – Versatile and Practical.

The generous classic among relaxation oases. All-glass showers in square- or polygonal, closed form provide a generous impression of space and can be realized in numerous variations.
“The Corner” finds space in the room as a freestanding construction or on walls and installations afterwards. Depending on the installation situation, this practical shower solution can also be implemented with a connection to bathtubs, brick ledges, etc.
The number and design of the fixed parts and door elements are variable depending on the customer and situation on site. The door elements are available as hinged, swing or sliding doors.

The Wall – Elegant and Simple.

Experience untroubled freedom and a relaxed atmosphere through wall solutions.
The free-standing glass wall provides a unique way for a straightforward and clear look, whether in the room or in individual combinations. Even where there is no need to pay attention to the efficient use of space, glass gives every bathroom the necessary lightness.
These freely accessible and barrier-free shower areas deliberately do without door elements. However, a frameless version with hinged or swing doors is also possible.

Glass Back Walls – Creative Space.

Where previously only bare walls or tiles were used, wall elements made of glass appear more and more today. Due to the special processing of the material, diverse and creative design options arise, for example through the GM PHOTO PRINT method. In addition to the aesthetic component, jointless glass back walls are also particularly convincing due to their easy and hygienic care.

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