Completely made of glass. Entirely connected to the outside world or all to yourself. Nothing obstructs the view and nothing can bother you. Right in the middle of it, but only if you want it. A special place for special moments. A unique feeling of freedom dipped in elegance.

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As a glass pavilion in the traditional sense, the GM PAVILLON360 by Glas Marte is both a vantage point and an eye-catcher. It looks transparent and fragile, but easily withstands great stress and high loads. Four pairs of windmill-like glass elements support the ceiling like a reflection of the floor. Without any trusses. Without any pillars. As reduced this design pavilion may seem in its simple elegance, as individual and varied are its design options.

Each GM PAVILLON360 is unique and bears the geographical coordinates of its location as a serial number. Upon request, the 360 signet on the roof can be made recognizable on Google Earth, which is applied by means of high-quality, weatherproof canvas.


One Idea, a Thousand Options for Implementation

Each PAVILLON360 is unique. Viewpoint and adventure area at the same time.
Completely free to design and above all completely free of anything superfluous. Create your GM PAVILLON360 the way you want it.

Design Ideas

Design Fireplace
A free-hanging, open design fireplace as a cozy source of warmth and romantic light on cooler evenings. The special feature: the 360 ° rotating firebox allows effortless alignment of the chimney opening in any desired position. With a double-shell insulated stainless steel smoke outlet and an insulated chimney surround.

Integrated Cooling Unit
A refrigerator that is flush-mounted within the floor keeps perfectly cooled drinks and snacks like a treasure. At the push of a button, the fridge “rises” out of the ground like magic.
Cover: according to the floor covering
Side parts: ICE-H® mirror
Temperature range: Normal cooling to ** – deep freezing
Capacity: approx. 40 liters

Technical Details


  • surface area: 6 x 6 m (about 36 m2)
  • interior: 3.5 x 3.5 m
  • room height: 2.4 m
  • trussless pavilion with four pairs of windmill-like glass elements
  • four load-bearing glass wall panels, each with two elements made of safety glass, width 1.2 m
  • floor substructure made of hot-dip galvanized steel, floating floor covering
  • orifice plate with galvanized and black powder-coated flat steel strip on the floor and roof
  • mounted on concrete foundations
  • roof construction made of galvanized steel
  • soffit equivalent to floor covering
  • waterproofing through weatherproof tarpaulin with 360-signet

Product Videos

GM PAVILLON360 – Image Film

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