GM MARTITION® PLUS is in demand, where good style, but above all the highest noise protection properties up to 49 dB R’w,res, need to be achieved.

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GM MARTITION® Plus is in demand, where good style, but above all the highest noise protection properties of up to 49 dB R’w,res, need to be achieved.

The specially developed construction is characterized above all by flexibility and an impressive look. The doors are neatly integrated into both sides of the flush and sleek looking surface of the glass modules – with the same depth as the fixed elements – and fit harmoniously into the overall picture

Room in Room

It can be used for think tanks, consultation or meeting rooms, as a technical room or simply as a recreation zone to be alone. With the flexible, room-in-room concept by Glas Marte, it is possible to place closed spaces in open-space areas in a freestanding manner.

Wall Parts

GM MARTITION® Glass modules are held by means of a connection profile and at the same time separated from each other acoustically. The harmonious interplay of light, colors and materials creates a beautiful symbiosis of functionality and appearance.

Rotating Doors

The rotating doors are an integral part of the whole wall, i.e. flush-fitting, system-like and smoothly integrated in the flat glass surface.

Sliding Doors

The sliding doors are designed in an all-glass look on both sides with noise-protected and insulated frames analogous to the fixed parts. On the side, there are double-overlapping seals and corresponding brush seals.

Product Advantages

  • one solution for walls and doors – for the highest of demands
  • Total noise reduction Rres, w to 49 dB (including door)
  • Flush-fitting glass front on both sides
  • individual sizes, types of glass, surfaces and design
  • reversible arrangement of the door and wall elements
  • prefabricated modules for variable freedom in planning

Technical Details

Module Widths
» up to 5,1 m

Total Noise-Reduction Rres,w
» up to 49 dB (including door)

Standard Version
» both sides in GM ESG SECURMART®
» mounted directly on all floor coverings

Glass Types
» Full / partial enamelling by screen printing or roller printing
» Design enamelling
» GM ICE-H® structured glass
» etched glass, z. B. GM SATINATO®

Sliding doors on both sides in all-glass look with sound-proofed and insulated frame

Stainless steel hinges three-dimensionally adjustable

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