Doors or partitions made of glass appear light and elegant due to their flush surface and give the impression of transparency. At the same time, they offer perfect protection and ensure discretion elegantly.

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When it comes to aesthetics, it’s all about the design principle – the question is whether you only want a partition or if the goal is to create an architecturally appealing room element with sophisticated functions.

The two essential details are the mounting parts on the one hand and the locking mechanism on the other. The less we see of the attachment, the lighter and the more elegant the door and walls will look in the end.

It does not appear as a stabilization, but as the logical conclusion of the glass surface. Furthermore, otherwise visually disturbing fittings are integrated into the glass edge profiles. GM CABINMART® also recognizes safety concerns: There are no cut-outs or weighted drill-holes weakening the glass, which significantly reduces the risk of glass breakage.

Application Areas

» toilet partitions
» shower screens
» washing areas
» urinal and screening walls
» changing rooms
» child-friendly versions

Doors and Partitions

There are no mounting parts, fittings or handles on the outside. The locking unit is only visible from the inside.
The lock operates in two stages – only when the door is completely closed, the knob can be fully rotated and only then the bolt goes down all the way.
The fittings of the doors are designed so that the joints between the glasses are covered by a fitting strip and the end product is thus opaque.
The fitting indicates whether the toilet is free or occupied, both from the outside and from the inside. When turning the knob, the display, which is integrated in the fitting strip, changes from green to red.

Skylight Included

The transparent glass surface at the upper part of the glass partition modules is variable in height and thus perfectly adaptable to the respective situation on-site. In comparison to non-floor-to-ceiling versions, the skylight protects privacy while enhancing the use of daylight in the cabins.

Ground Clearance included

The walls of each cabin are not mounted directly on the ground, but on stands. The innovative stand construction made of stainless steel is height-adjustable, invisibly attached inside the floor and adaptable to any ground slope. The variable height adjustment creates a convenient distance to the ground for cleaning purposes.

For Children

GM CABINMART® for children is flexible and fully adapted to the needs of younger age groups – easy use with high safety and stability.

Product Advantages

  • flush glass front – fittings on the inside
  • individual design – glass type, shape and color
  • exclusive glass surfaces – spacious, timelessly modern
  • Hygienic and easy-care
  • modular design

Technical Details

Glass Types

  • GM ESG
  • GM VSG from ESG
  • GM VSG from TVG

Glass Thickness

  • 8 mm

Glass Finish with 

  • photo printing
  • screen printing
  • digital printing
  • matt or color foil
  • etc.

Surface of aluminum profiles for door and frame profiles

  • EV1 anodised
  • RAL powder-coated to your choice


  • variable module and door widths or heights
  • opening inward
  • opening outwards
  • with or without ground clearance
  • with or without skylight
  • floor to ceiling
  • optionally self-closing
  • partition depth variable
  • with or without vertical handle


Fittings are integrated in the glass edge profiles
»Visible glass edges are polished

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