The Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft with its representative congress center is one of the leading venues for meetings and is located in the heart of Munich. The highlights of the renovation are the generous entrance façade as well as the glass pavilion, which consists almost exclusively of glass and connects the spacious and now sunny foyer to the halls of the congress center.

The supporting elements are made of glass – the production of which required special know-how and special production technology. Glass fins are mostly vertical, stiffening glass beam elements that are used in facade construction. They serve to stiffen glass facades and achieve an optically transparent effect.

This quest for lightness and transparency means that glass as a building material plays an increasingly important supporting function. From windows to double-shell façades, from sun rooms to large glass halls, from glass staircases to glass bridges, from the shell of a pavilion to the roofing of a sports arena: Elaborate, innovative glass constructions can now fulfill almost all structural-physical, constructional and architectural tasks.