In order to make modern architecture a reality, there are many building materials. But how about building with pictures? Photo printing by Glas Marte is very well suited for partition and windbreaker walls, the fillings of railings and much more. It is insensitive to wind and weather and enables you to put your ideas in the limelight with special views and unusual perspectives. The new side of architecture is taken out of the picture book – and brought to you by Glas Marte.

Photographs or art prints are relatively simply laminated behind glass or between two glass panes. This technique offers the possibility of applying photorealistic images, geometric shapes, logos etc. to glass for indoor and outdoor applications.

Choose between see-through film for transparent or translucent motifs or opaque film, which is coated on one side. Ideal for protecting the back of pictures put on or between glass, such as kitchen panels or shower back panels. Or a translucent interlayer for illuminated designs between glass. In front of a light source like a lamp, light box or when viewing against daylight, the motifs shine in rich colors.

The applications are almost unlimited, the choice of subject definitely is. Play with light, color saturation and transparency. And the wonderful changeability of things. Photographic Print by Glas Marte: When has it ever been so easy to make exceptional design statements?

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