Unique patterned glass facades, opaque partition walls, discreet highlights on interior doors – with screen printing, glass surfaces can be designed variably. Glas Marte offers almost unlimited possibilities with its new screen printing process GM ESG PRINTMART®. Our screens have been designed using our own decors – stripes, dots and squares in different sizes – and are constantly being further developed. In addition, your files, drawings and photos serve as templates for special applications. The ceramic colors are applied in technical precision work, then burnt in during the tempering process at a temperature of over 600 °C, which firmly connects them to the glass surface. The resulting enamel layer is largely scratch-proof, weather- and solvent-resistant as well as lightfast.

Customized Surfaces

With ESG PRINTMART® printing can be done all over or just covering individual parts. The color and degree of printing are variable and can thus be adapted to the respective application: transparent, translucent or opaque. On request, we also equip the printed glasses with anti-slip devices so that the risk of slipping on walkable surfaces is reduced. Glass house facades set modern highlights and are easy to care for – the glass surfaces can even be anti-reflective using side-one colors.

ESG PRINTMART®: variable in color, decor and degree of printing – uncompromising in quality.

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