In contemporary architecture, the design of glass façades plays a “supporting” role. In order to master it with large-scale facades, the use of highly functional glass products is required. Using natural light is one of the most essential components of architecture. Facades have long become much more than just a static shell, namely an interface between inside and outside, which now also has to meet the increased requirements for energy efficiency.

The building envelope of the old oil mill in Prague is the material and conceptual basis for measures aimed at gaining multi-storey apartments. The architecture firm Baumschlager-Eberle was able to reflect Corbusier’s complex spatial organization for the Unitées d’habitation in the old building. “Programmatic Realism” was what Viennese architecture journalist Dietmar Steiner once called this, and it works in Prague. Especially with regard to the connection between the new object and the existing building, which encloses the spatial context with its courtyard-side glass façade.

Glass Facades …