The Grand Prix d ‘Architecture et d’Urbanisme Haute-Normandie, organized by the C.A.U.E. 76 recently took place for the third time. This year’s innovation prize went to the architect and urban planner Laurent Protois for his 20 low-energy apartments built on the Rue de l’Europe in Fauville-en-Caux, France. The developer is the social housing company Logéal Immobilière.

The focus for this award was on environmental awareness. The jury evaluated the projects according to urban life, climate change, resource conservation, residential area and innovations. For Laurent Protois from Rouen, this prize is a great success, as more than 70 projects have been submitted.

Housing Project Impressed Jury with Location, Alignment and Architectural Design

The apartments were built on the site of a former grain warehouse and planned to be connected to the social life in the village. They are in close proximity to the sports center, gymnasium, shopping center and nursing home. The project comprises two buildings with 5 and 15 apartments as well as a small “village square”.

In addition to its location, the residence of Laurent Protois captivates with its orientation and architectural design. The southern façades with wooden cladding are architecturally enhanced by balconies with the floor-to-ceiling glazing elements GM TOPROLL® 10/14 by GLAS MARTE and, together with the heat-retaining walls of the adobe and clay balconies, make an important contribution to the 20 bioclimatic and environmentally friendly apartments.

Added Value through Sliding System by GLAS MARTE

Due to its orientation towards the south, the use of heat storing walls is optimal and the transparent glazing of GM TOPROLL® 10/14 sliding doors from GLAS MARTE allows maximum use of passive solar energy. The room-high sliding glass panes of the system close the balconies on all three sides, so they also serve as an additional noise protection from the road. The balconies are located directly in front of the living rooms. In order to achieve a thermal separation, these are not structurally connected to the building construction.

“The compositional logic of the object refers to the existing local conditions, in connection with the communal space. The special feature of this project are the southern facades with the balcony glazing, creating a bioclimatic effect that benefits from passive solar energy. These glazings are very important for the architectural handwriting, but above all, they provide a real added value for the residents, “says architect Laurent Protois about his project.